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Just wanted to congratulate you for the great effort you did for this title! It’s the best of its kind! I wish I could do the same for a system11 board set one day!

About the playing cards, did you ever manage to get those printed out? Would be great to own a few sets.

Thank you so much.
No, it never happend, it’s not cost effective given the number of people interested.

The Firepower card PDF file is provided in case someone wants to make a personal set. The files are not intended for any commercial use, same as all other documents made available on this site.

Here at we love the cards made by UUSI especially the Bohemia, Royal Optik playing cards and the Tarot Deck:

UUSI playing cards

WMS Star Light Instruction Booklet

Not many of these games from 1984 are out there. About 100 machines were produced by WMS and then the plug was pulled, making Star Light the last System 7 pinball game.

I personally know of 3 in the world that are complete and working, one of which was a System 9 prototype game. There are probably a few more that are quietly owned by collectors.

The usual ‘Instruction Booklet’ was never produced when the run was abandoned. A hasty ‘Service Booklet’ was made available to operators.

Quick overview of Star Light.
Star Light Lower Playfield.

Williams Star Light Service Manual

Star Light Instruction Booklet (new)